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Dynamic Duo – Give a Warm Welcome to Piano Black Blog by Avicenna

A week or so ago Greta Christina asked if anyone was willing to mentor a high school skeptic who had wanted some help for a project. And I was deeply impressed by her plans to bring science education to the masses. And so I figured that this young lady has some pretty new things to say and that her quest is just! And I asked if she wanted to blog here as part of her project. So say welcome to Piano Black, a 17 year old American Skeptic. – Avicenna

I’ve tried to create an attention grabbing headline, but I couldn’t  So I’ll just start off simply, my name is Piano Black. A few months ago, I decided to take an ownership of my education because I wanted to cultivate my thoughts. I also wanted to segregate myself from any sort of organization so that I could think for myself, you know, to have my own thoughts and opinions. That being so, I discovered this love for science.

As I was reading Broca’s Brain by Carl Sagan, I felt inspired, my curiosity that I thought had died long ago was awaken fiercely. Reading the first chapter, Dr. Sagan was discussing the accessibility of science, how important is it for people to be curious, and we should integrate science in our daily conversations. Although I am finished reading the book, the first chapter really resonated with me. The way the first chapter resonated with me  was that it made me feel empowered, like I could make a difference of my own. It was then that I decided to draft a letter pertaining to science education. This letter would be sent to a number of peoples and places.

Although I am still drafting the letter, I have never felt so enthusiastic about a project in my life. Prior to educating myself, I felt pretty purposeless as if I was just going through the motions of life. I felt extremely isolated, confused, and empty.  I had no drive and I was just doing the bare minimum to survive in my life. As I reflect I realized that wasn’t a way for me to live. I did not look to a god, a prayer, or something else that is created to give the masses false hope, I looked to myself and society.

In this letter, I felt like I could somehow connect through society through science education. I know that if we as people were to have one goal to strive for which is a better understanding of science, skepticism, and the universe, we could unite to venture more those ideas. To set things straight, I am not here to nag, my interest is to educate and to help others feel empowered so they could think for themselves. I want to help others think straight, or at least to even start thinking. I admit I know next to nothing when it comes to the information the world of science has to offer, but I am willing to learn whatever I can.

In creating this project, I knew that it was important but I still did not know exactly what I am getting myself into. Well, I now know that this had been the most challenging activity I have engrossed myself in, for it challenges my endurance, patience, convictions and ultimately my direction. However, I remain optimistic because I know that with the help of very many people, I am not alone.

– Piano Black


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  1. glichtman says:

    Great! Just posted on Twitter. Are you still not on Twitter? If so I don’t think I have your handle.

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